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An art village of Heritage & Legacies

A journey of Preservation and Conservation

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DrishyAM page


DrishyAM - the art village, which will nurture artisans and encourage the revival of tribal craft,  is proposed at the foothills of the Nilgiris, in Hangala village, Gundlupet Chamarajanagar District Karnataka . 

Establishing a precious connection with the hills associated with the legend of sage Agastya and Vishnu, as well as the over 5000 years of earth and its inhabitants, this iconic futuristic art space is envisaged. It juxtaposes the best of Heritage and twenty first century learning and creative energy. 

It will have foundations of sustainable & climate friendly practices and facilitate exposure to many ancient Indian traditions.

DrishyAM derives inspiration from pristine nature,  the art & cultural practices of original residents of the land,  and provides a space where our modern emotions may be processed and soul rejuvenated.

 The site was inaugurated on July 28th, 2022, setting in motion a grand vision.

Our Dream

DrishyAM at the foothills of the western ghats, where the plains meet the hills is a very scenic location, surrounded by mountains. It borders the tiger and elephant reserve and is home to several indigenous tribal communities.


Our Dream is to make a space where the creative urban people can get away and get reintroduced to their roots, recharge themselves, intermingling with the salt of the earth.


Its serenity, complex ecological environment, heritage and human population make it a desirable hotspot for tribal, cultural and creative energy. As the Earth and its populations continue to aggregate its human perspective in mammoth, concrete urban areas, the open freedom offered by DrishyAM location is the most potent lure to those dedicated to the unfettered connection of the human soul. It is an ideal location for artists to stay, work and interact in a serene, peaceful and sustainable environment.


An art Hub for promoting contemporary art and revival of traditional and tribal art, preserving heritage, conservation of tribal community and culture, including supporting education of children, empowerment and livelihood for women and communities.

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Trees in the Wind

Residencies and training programs that we propose to offer

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Naturalist training program

  • Guided course delivery from subject experts.

  • Thorough classroom sessions & practical sessions in wilderness.

  • First hand exposure into the actual life of a naturalist.

  • Excellent opportunity of peer learning through engagement.

  • Certificate of accomplishment.

Image by Annie Spratt

Anapiary or "bee yard"- Installation of Bee Boxes

  • Introduction

  • The market for Bee Honey

  • Manufacturing Process

  • Honey Beekeeping-Indian 

  • Export Market for Honey

  •  Beekeeping as the livelihood in India

Image by Atharva Tulsi

Production of furniture & goods

  • Lantana and Bamboo product enhancement through design and testing.

  • Also strengthen marketing for these products

Image by Huy Phan

Plant nursery training 

  • Type and Classification of Nursery

  • Factors Determining Nursery Stock Production

  • Component of Tree nursery

  • Cultural and Tending Operations

  • Nursery Management

  • Nursery pests & Disease management

Image by Atharva Tulsi

Workshop vessels using leaves

  • Production of bio degradable pathre (plates and bowls)

  • Different leaves usage

  • Different designs & production

  • How to sell & market

  • certification

Image by Precious Plastic Melbourne

Production of bio enzyme cleaners

  • The advantages of using enzyme bio-cleaning solution

  • How to make it for

  • For dishes and laundry

  • For washing bathrooms and toilets.

  • For removing stubborn stains and odours (coloured fabrics and floors)

  • As a natural insect repellent

  • As fertilizer for plants in garden

  • Wash cars

A lot of terracotta

Terracotta - lamps and jewellery

  • Introduction of material requirement 

  • Different usage of same material 

  • Different designs & production

  • How to sell & market

  • certification

Image by Brittani Burns

Candle making

  • Introduction of material requirement 

  • Different usage of same material 

  • Different designs & production

  • How to sell & market

  • certification


For Our Dream DRISHYAM

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